The New Way To Hire Experts

Vertical is changing the way companies hire experts online

Full-time and part-time online experts

We provide both full-time and part-time online experts

Trained in vertical industry expertise

All of our experts experts are trained in vertical industry expertise, so that you don't have to train them.

Hire an expert as you need

You can hire a Vertical expert even just for 4 hours.

We are changing the way companies do business

Hire experts online

We provide both full time and part time experts trained in vertical industry expertise so that you don’t have to train them. Our experts are ready to deliver from day 1, significantly saving you time and money. More importantly, you can hire a Vertical expert for only 4 hours.

Protect intellectual property rights

Vertical is not your typical online freelancing marketplace where it’s up to companies to protect their intellectual properties (IP). We are a committed partner to our clients, providing full IP protection on every single bit of work performed by our experts.

Succeed and innovate

Vertical experts help companies assess their procedures and processes. Trained across different industry verticals, our experts are going to work with you and your organization to drive continuous improvement and increase process efficiency.